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Mourn The Dying Earth

Mourn The Dying Earth

Welcome all your place is here
By the fire, by the light
Take from me just what you need
I'll give it back before the end
There is no space for greed or hoard
Just what's here so take no more
Keep the balance share the lot
Hold the line don't fill the pot

We look at fields and think we won
We see the ocean as no one
We feed our fears with tears and guns
Destroy our world for everyone
We look at stars through haze and light
We drive to see a space that's right
We buy the things that we feel might
Make our lives shine more bright

Mourn the secrets still alive
Mourn the people with no fight
Mourn the sun that shone so bright
Mourn the world in it's dying breath
Leave no field or stone unturned
Leave no forest but to burn
Shade from cold by killing us
Mourn the Earth in this last light


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