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Illusion of Evolution

Our Album 'Illusion of Evolution is out now!
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We are very proud to present our first album, 'Illusion of Evolution'!

This is an eight track album and features heavy riffs and melodic overtones. This album is a labour of love to create great guitar tones, bouncing riffs and rhythms without being melancholic. The album was written, recorded and mixed by Krachwerke. It draws from many stoner, metal and Doom genres but tries to not 'sound' like any other band currently in the scene.

We hope the tracks jump genres and have something for everyone who appreciates the heavier things in life.

Overall the album is dedicated to our society, politics, evolution and our inherent failures as human beings. Even with our advanced society and the ability to reach space and theorise our universe, on a basic level we have not yet evolved far enought to look after each other or our planet.

Without lyrics the album allows us to reflect in our own way about issues that affect us all.

Below are teaser tracks from SoundCloud that anyone can listen to but also the full album on Spotify. The album can be found on all major Streaming Services and online music retailers like iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music etc. You can also purchase the tracks from this website, details below.

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